Sweet mother of Christ
WH Statistics
Position Gay
Era Oldbris - Newbris
Faction Lonely Singles Club
Furfag Status Most likely
Physical Statistics
Country America
Height Unknown
Age like 12 17

ARGdov is a member who joined Oldbris about half way through its life cycle. He was like fucking 11 13 ACCORDING TO ARG or something when he joined and was one of the more serious users, until we taught him the ways of shitposting. He soon joined the LSC.

History Edit

Arg was a refreshingly naive user. Too often on Within Hubris does one see posters who are hardened by being epically trolled or dishing out trolling themselves. Arg had eyes full of wonder, and a heart full of hope. His mind, however, was closed. Bottom line, he mostly took part in forum games and groups. He mostly posted memes, ponies, and power rangers.

Homosexual Controversy Edit

Arg's time in the LSC was a time of self discovery. Arg was going through a tough time, during which he wrestled with his identity. He started out a by-the-(holy)book straight man, but that changed over time. The amateur shitposter finally broke down and admitted his true sexuality.

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