The Announcements Board was a board both on Oldbris and Newbris. It typically was where all of the official announcements about the ARG and the state of the message board were posted.

Oldbris Usage Edit

On Oldbris, Jad and the Mods often posted here with updates on the ARG and the forum itself. This was where the hiatus itself was announced. Other topics were posted here too, such as mods clarifying that they are not canon and the introductions of mods themselves and such.

Newbris Usage Edit

The board works pretty much the same way on Newbris. Forums rules are once again posted in here, and MaskedSheikah posted an archive of the original announcements from Oldbris. Unlike the original board, this one is more open to user posts, but only in certain topics where it is allowed. One of these is where users could suggest skin layouts for the forum. One notable topic here was the announcement of the Pony Board being hidden, since it was never used. The topic itself was used for pony discussion for a short time, till it too was locked.

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