This is what happens when a shitty 2010 smartphone camera takes a photo of a laptop screen.
WH Statistics
Position Zealot
Era Oldbris
Faction Lonely Singles Club
Furfag Status Meh
Physical Statistics
Country 'Murica
Height 5'10
Age 21

CircleHunter is a former resident of Oldbris and Supermod of Newbris.  He is mainly known for being that dude who runs the Jadusable Wiki and made a map that one time for a forum game that nobody remembers.

The Olden DaysEdit

He stumbled upon Oldbris one day after viewing Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Jadusable on one of those newfangled video websites.  Against his better judgment, he made some friends there and joined the Lonely Singles Club (despite being only somewhat lonely, yet not single).  It was there that they taught him the ways of friendships n majjyks.  Over the duration of his residence at Oldbris, he would from that point on do absolutely nothing useful or productive.

The EmpireEdit

User Aqua had the bright idea to turn Oldbris into a country.  A lot of people thought it was a good idea, so naturally we were a dictatorship under the command of Spanosa.  CircleHunter was commissioned to create a flag for the new nation, and quite frankly it was a piece of shit.  Following that work of art, he then drew up a map for the country.  When the Empire grew, he became one of its most useless members.

The DeclineEdit

After the events of Never Forget August 8th, 2012, he didn't come around much anymore. Around this time, he was somehow given admin rights to the Jadusable Wiki, which he then promptly left to gather dust due to his lack of admin experience.

Today Edit

These days, CircleHunter often gives constructive criticism to Ifrit Jenkins in her attempts to put her emotions into musical form. He also serves as her personal archive administrator, ensuring every last bit of her work lasts through the ages for the children of the future to hear.

Recently, he has finished fixing up the wiki, which is now in top condition, and has even created a second fan content wiki.

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