The Community General board existed on both Oldbris and Newbris. It was a place for users to talk about whatever they wanted. Many forum games, group topics, and shitposting happened here. Probably amounted to like 80% of the forum's activity.

Oldbris Usage Edit

The board was active since the start of the forums, and remained so even after the hiatus. This is where many members first met and created groups together. Various popular forum games were started here too, such as the Within Hubris Empire. The most active topics were the "My Little Pony" thread and the "Let's Get This Topic To 1 Million Posts!" threads. Most of the drama and shitposting happened here.

Newbris Usage Edit

Definitely the most active board on Newbris, and is now pure shitposting. There was a ton of shitposting on Oldbris, but now it equates to 90% of the posts on Newbris. Usually filled with epic memes and shit. When Newbris first opened, the Community General board had a sub-board of its own specifically for Ponies. It was created to contain all of the MLP-related content to keep everyone's sanity in check. It eventually closed down though, due to inactivity.