Who is he and why is he so perfect in every way possible? Edit

Current avatar
WH Statistics
Position local fuckboy ruins everything
Era Oldbris
Faction Without Hubris
Furfag Status how dare you
Physical Statistics
Country dawn's butt
Height very tall
Age i am a skeleton

Also known as Prof. Von Cool Guy, Crash was born on the planet known as Uranus. At the age of 74, his skin was melted off so he could at last become a walkin' around talkin' around skeleton with great hair. He then took the elevator down to earth were he banged like 20 chicks in a row and had an awesome-ass sword fight with Death himself.

Oh shit, he sounds pretty cool and perfect in every way possible. Edit

I know.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"Moogen 's a cac"

"Moogen's a coc"

"Moogen smells"

"Crash rules, Moogen drools."

Other amazing facts about Prof. Von Cool Guy Edit

  • His dick is the size of all your dicks put together.
  • He has great hair
  • He once got his dick stuck in a coke can.
  • He is the president of The Planet of the Big Bootied Bitches.
  • He fought in the skeleton war
  • If you aren't him you are a total jabroni
  • Moogen smells.
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