David Bowie
Crystal Keeper
WH Statistics
Position Space Wizard
Era Newbris
Faction Without Hubris
Furfag Status Unknown
Physical Statistics
Country The Moon
Height Tall
Age Ageless

David Bowie is an especially powerful space wizard and friend of the all powerful god, Beerd Beekman. David Bowie is considered by many to be one of the stronger of the lesser gods and is worshiped by those who wish to help the followers of Beerd indirectly. He is a longtime ally of Without Hubris, having been roused to their cause by one of his chief priests, Jeffory.

He is said to have created the moon as a result of losing a bet with Bill Cosby, the bet being that he could beat Mr. Cosby in a fashion competition. Said moon would many years later be loaned to The Knights of The Golden Ass so that they may have a place from which they could defend earth.


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