The Sun
WH Statistics
Position Theme Manager
Era Oldbris / Newbris
Faction Without Hubris / LSC / Theet
Furfag Status >implying
Physical Statistics
Country Deep Space / America
Height ≈4569173228 Feet 3 Inches
Age ≈4.6 billion years

Dawn Of A New Day, Aka THE MOTHERFUCKING SUN, or just as Dawn is the glorious leader of The Knights of The Golden Ass and Spiritual Leader of Without Hubris. He's also head of the 2secret4you anti-Spanosa Revolution.

He has been around Oldbris almost since it's conception, and was something of an unofficial moderator on Newbris. He was responsible for the move from Invisionfree to Zetaboards, where he is currently in charge of making ridiculous emoticons, among other things.

Users of Within Hubris
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Users Alexandre - David Bowie - JohnnyCuntblast - Kadaj - The doctor - Oceanstuck

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