WH Statistics
Position  ???
Era Oldbris
Faction Lonely Singles Club
Furfag Status Unknown
Physical Statistics
Country America
Height Unknown
Age 17 (?)

LadyAlzers was an influential member of Oldbris, mostly known for being one of the creators of the Lonely Singles Club.

History Edit

Alzers had been a user on Oldbris since the beginning. She went through with Dawn's idea of a group for lonely nerds to talk, and created the Lonely Singles Club. She was a part of the group for a few years. One day, sometime after Newbris was created, she left and deleted most of her accounts. She left to do things that were actually important irl, mysterious things called 'school' and 'responsibilities'. Every day the LSC mourns their loss, burning He-Man action figures and praising Blobfish long into the night, hoping to summon their old leader.

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