Moderators on Within Hubris are few elite selected to keep the community from becomming a complete shithole. There are good mods, and there are bad mods. But one thing everyone can agree on is that they are fascists and fucking nazis and we love them.

History Edit

The first mods were, of course, elected by Jad when Oldbris opened. These mods were mostly well loved and did a fairly good job. The original three mods Jadusable chose were OsirisOmega, Garrenn, and Superstarrstef. Over time, these mods drifted away from Within Hubris, becoming less and less active. This was mostly due to the lack of activity within the ARG. When the hiatus came, they basically had no activity on the forums at all. The forum then began getting epically trolled and shitposting was the norm.


Moderators during the Great Pony Wars

Users eventually went to Jad on twitter, asking him to elect some more moderators for the forum. Jad agreed, and the two new mods for Oldbris were Spanosa and DeaconAYC. Spanosa was the more active of the two, while Deacon mostly just fucked about.

When the forums met their eventual end, new mods had to be selected for the fanmade Newbris. For this, Spirkiroid and The Meek One were chosen, mostly because they were among the most active in the community, or helped in the creation of Newbris.

List of Moderators Edit

OsirisOmega - Oldbris - Inactive

Garrenn - Oldbris - Inactive

Superstarrstef - Oldbris - Inactive

Spanosa - Oldbris - Active

DeaconAYC - Oldbris - Inactive

Spirkiroid - Newbris - Active

The Meek One - Newbris - Active