Thinks they're coolest fucking guy ever.
Vital statistics
Position Anal
Age 14
Status Shit Poster
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Nappablook is a new addition to the Within Hubris forums. Nappablook is a former Internet Detective that went by Proserpina, whom shitposted so much that it caused the death of the first ID chat, until everyone migrated to the old Shitposting group. May or may not have been the reason for some homestuck group to die as well?

As of recent, Nappablook underwent a shitpost intervention, and he has sworn a blood oath to not shitpost as hard as he did back when he was Proserpina.

Nappablook is good friends with Oceanstuck, ADULT_LINK, and Scoot. He is also working on a game with Scoot called Matt Damon's Adventure.

Is a Homestuck and loves drawing everything with tits that take up 60% of the page they're on. Also has a twin sister that can do a spot-on sammyclassicsonicfan voice.

had/has an addiction to balloon animals.

Baloon man

May 1st, 2016 - The day Nappablook became an emoticon