'Newbris' is the nickname given to the replacement Within Hubris created by fans after Never Forget August 8th, 2012. It was created by a group consisting of Kafeite, Dawn, The Meek One, and Arveza. Thanks to their efforts we can still act like retards. You can visit Newbris here.

History Edit

After the original Within Hubris was destroyed, fans got together and created another Within Hubris. Newbris has several differences from Oldbris, as follows:

  • Hosted on Zetaboards instead of Invisionfree
  • Customizable themes (created by our Theme Manager)
  • Users can now customize their title, instead of it only being changed based on post count
  • Users can downvote eachother, and state why (no upvoting is allowed, or even possible)
  • More boards, such as the forum game board and pony board
  • Unique smileys based around epic memes and forbidden truths.
Newbris also has no canon ties. Oldbris was meant to be a home base for players during the 3rd Arc of the ARG, and would have puzzles and clues hidden within it, such as Wayward Horizon. Newbris is ran completely by fans, however, so that is not possible.

The only rules that matter on Newbris.