Sengi at the beach (circa 2005)
WH Statistics
Position That one guy
Era Newbris
Faction Pokemon
Physical Statistics
Country Venezuela
Height 5'11"
Age 18
Video Response from Lanky Supporters to Sengi, asking for peace. Sengi did not yeild

Video Response from Lanky Supporters to Sengi, asking for peace. Sengi did not yeild.

Sengi is a current member on newbris who got this page without asking, what an ungrateful bastard.

Early Life Edit

Sengi was born to an average family in Venezuela. After which he moved into madagascar where he had no friends, and his only escape from real life consequences was the local Zangoose Refuge. He would visit it every night, sneaking into the cages and talk sweet nothings to them. One night a Zangoose bit Sengi's elbow, and he was infected with the PokeRus.

The next day he noticed he was growing white fur all over his body, and began to cry in happiness. Within a week, his transformation into a pokemon was complete. His parents were weirded out at first, but eventually warmed up to their PokeSon.

The Zangoose Massacres Edit

On November 12 2003, the DIGITAL WARS had reached the bays of Madagascar. Over the night, Lanky Kong led his horrific massacre against the Zangoose Refuge, killing them all. Sengi was terribly distraught, and went into hiding. Somehow hiding beyond Lanky's reach (however long it may be), Sengi survived the Zangoose Massacre of 2003, forever carrying a grudge against Lanky.

Smear Campaign against Lanky's Lackeys Edit

Lanky Kong had been gaining popularity and support throughout 2014, much to Sengi's disgust. He began his personal quest of destroying Lanky Kong's credibility. His most infamous strike against Lanky happened on November 8th 2014, when he successfully disrupted a Lanky Summoning Ritual, much to the hatred of the locale. This act labelled Sengi as an outcast, thought he still remains within the Within Hubris community.

Current Day Edit

Sengi still continues his Anti-Lanky activities, and is rumored to have gathered up a group of misfit activists to fight against the Kong. Their actions are mostly done in secrecy, right beneath our noses. Only time will tell how the conflict will end.

However, that will not be seen on Skype, as he has forsaken it due to Skype being a shit software and him preferring discord The Internet Detectives not always taking his side against Moogin Cage-Maroon, champion of Lanky and the Kong. This only further proves that Moogen is a cac.

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