Emperor Spanosa
WH Statistics
Position Emperor; First Voice of Ariesus
Era Oldbris / Newbris
Faction Ponies
Furfag Status Maximum
Physical Statistics
Country WH Empire
Height Unknown; Suspected manlet.
Age 22

Spanosa is our jabroni, furry dictator. He is the one responsible for cursing Oldbris and keeping Newbris from becoming a total shithole (at least moreso than what it already is).

Who's This Douchebag?Edit

Spanosa is the original jabroni on Oldbris who turned everyone else into a jabroni too. He loves Rainbow Dash and eventually became a mod on Oldbris, which carried over to Newbris.

ARG Activity Edit

Spanosa cracked Duskworld23's binary cipher in Wayward Horizon. Although he was the first member to figure it out, he probably cheated.

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