Who is this guy
WH Statistics
Position The People's Hero Of Chaos
Era Newbris
Faction The Internet Detectives
Furfag Status Unknown
Physical Statistics
Country United Kingdom
Height Unknown
Age 19

"Stevean2 also known as Stevey is a massive faggot who frequents the Internet Detectives Skype group and acts like a Mugen clone"

At least, that's what he told me to write. Stevean2 is some asshole who joined Newbris simply becase he had heard of it through The Internet Detectives once a fan-arg started up. As of late, he has done nothing of use and is probably eating fish and chips, or whatever they do overseas.

Stevey is known to have a short temper, currently holding The Internet Detectives Record for most ragequits in a month.

He also created a parody of "Five Night's At Freddy's" dubbed "Five Night's at Within Hubris" Where he created faggy custom phone calls involving himself and various other members.