The Story Speculation board existed on both Oldbris and Newbris. This board was for users to discuss and share little details they found throughout the ARG and brainstorm on their hidden meanings. It was not meant for posting full-fledged theories.

Oldbris Usage Edit

This board was fairly active on Oldbris, usually filled with newer users pointing out things like "u can see ben in this one vid in the background", or "maybe the father is this dude" and stuff. Basic stuff, but stuff that eventually turned into theories to be posted in the Theory Discussion board.

Newbris Usage Edit

Surprisingly, this board on Newbris has fairly little shitposting. Looking at it, it is the most serious-looking board on the forums. There are still interesting tid-bits and details being posted, though it is mostly unactive. No topics were archived from Oldbris because they were either unobtainable or not worth saving.