The Internet Detectives
"We shouldn't have done that. But we did."
Admin faggymcgee
Purpose Solving ARGs - Playing Minecraft
Activity Active

The Internet Detectives is a faction of WH members that was founded in January 2015. Their purpose is to solve ARGs, draw shitty comics, and partake in other pointless shenanigans.

History Edit

The group was created by faggymcgee, and several members came from a previous group dedicating to solving the ARG "Remember.exe". The detectives came into existence to solve a new fan-ARG relating to Jadusable's original ARG, which can be found here. The group's numbers grew until there were over 20 members, a feat quite remarkable considering that Newbris is fucking dead. Unfortunately, like with all groups spawned from Within Hubris, a few of these people soon became inactive, and the threat of drama looms over the rest of the group at all times, with a handful of incidents (usually but not always involving The High King of Dickfaces and/or really bad communication) nearly and/or actually resulting in members lost. It's bad enough that NPCs in the fan-ARG that spawned this group have reprimanded members for attacking other members.

The Spanish Inquisition Edit

Sometime in early 2017, the Spanish Pewdiepie discovered the current ARG the Internet Detectives held monopoly on, JohnisDead, and did a series of videos on it. Giorgio had 6 million subs at the time, causing a massive influx of users and a huge surge in popularity for JiD. Unfortunately, the majority of these new players thought the ID were an evil canon entity in the ARG. This misunderstanding was caused by the ID Youtube Channel which acts as an archive for canon videos, which many users assumed the ID produced themselves.

It was around this time that users decided to move operations over to Discord, since Skype is fucking retarded and the number of active players was growing every day. During one of Spanish Pewdiepie's JiD livestreams, one dumb motherfucker paid money to pin a message to the Youtube livechat with a link to the ID Discord. The number of ID members grew from 30 to 600+ that night. As of right now, the ID is split between ID and ID en Espanol.

Nonsensical Debauchery Edit

While the Internet Detectives aren't trying to avoid spooks and potentially kill the ARG's protagonist, they can usually be found doing some other stupid shit. These things include making giant pieces of sprite art on their Minecraft Server, drawing shitty comics, dramatically reading WHiki articles and other such nonsense, and yelling at each other in Español in one of the Discord voice channels.

Dumb Pictures Edit

Members Edit

There are many detectives, though a few are rarely active, and some do not have accounts on Within Hubris. They currently include: