The Videogame General board existed on both Oldbris and Newbris. It was a place for users to discuss whatever vidya was on their mind. Some drama happened here, though it is nothing compared to what was in Community General.

Oldbris Usage Edit

Fairly active board. Users often posted about recent gaming news, such as E3 or a new big release. There were also several topics dedicated to sharing Steam Names, Friendcodes, and the like. Eventually a Minecraft Server was set up called Hubriscraft, though now it's dead. A Within Hubris Steam Group was also created by AfroNick which is still up, so join it now you asshole. Sometimes drama would happen here, usually caused by either console wars, or Yoyo calling people out on their shit tastes.

Newbris Usage Edit

Still fairly active after the death of Oldbris, though with more shitposting, obviously. Users still mostly talk about upcoming releases. Dawn set up a new Minecraft server for Newbris, but its activity is nil. Several topics include the members of WH in games, such as asking for miis of members and adding them to Tomodachi Life, or making Sims of users.