WARNING: You are about to enter the SPOOK ZONE.

Wayward Horizon is a forum section on Within Hubris, originating from Oldbris. It was going to play a vital role in the ARG. It never got utilized that often though, thanks to Jad's laziness.

History Edit

Wayward Horizon was created on Febuaray 18th, 2011 as a locked section on Oldbris. Users who tried to enter were asked for a password to get in. The next day, users discovered the password was 'bastionofdefense'. Kelbris then got mad and made a post telling everyone to get out of his super secret hiding spot. Later, because he was too busy fapping to be there on time, Moogin declared he wasn't having any of that shit. But nobody cared, and still doesn't. The password then changed to 'youshouldntbehere'. The topics within Wayward Horizon consisted of members of the Moonchildren rambling and asking for help. Users theorize they have 'ascended' and are trapped on the webs. The password later changed again, and no one was able to get back in.

Since Oldbris got shut down, Wayward Horizon of course got lost with it. Users had recorded what the topics contained, however, and an achive exists on Newbris.