Within Hubris Empire
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Vital statistics
Type Empire
Level Unknown
Location The Internet
Inhabitants All the fags on Within Hubris

The Within Hubris Empire was a forum game created by Oldbris user Aqua. The game revolved around a fictional nation on NationStates where hypothetical issues would be brought up, and users were to decide on the best course of action. The nation would then grow in whatever direction their actions led. Since this is Within Hubris we are talking about, the result was fucking retarded.

History Edit

The WHE (Within Hubris Empire) was first created by Aqua on Oldbris. Many dumbshit things happened, such as making ponies both the main food and animal. Roleplay also happened, since each user had their own personification and title within the Empire. This led to the creation of the WHEmpire Chatango. As expected, it is now a ghost town, with most of the old chats deleted.

Aqua eventually left Oldbris, leaving the original WHE to rot. After this, Dawn created a new WHE. When Never Forget August 8th, 2012 happened, the WHE topic was lost. Users were able to salvage their old titles, however, and a new topic was born on Newbris. Currently the WHE has had no activity in over a year. It still exists online, if Newbris were ever to pick it back up. This topic contains everyone's titles.

Citizens Edit

Dawn - The Sun

Ariesus - God of the Country

Niv-Mizzet - Primarch of Sons of Ariesus Space Marines

Zelenal - High Priest

RidesTheNarwhal - Lower Priestess

BrokenLinkSol - Royal Artist

Soul Limiter - Disaster Tracker/Retired Pokemon Master 

William Sstrider - Spiral Warrior

CircleHunter - Craftsman

Insainitydemon - Crazy Professor Person

Wolfcat - Pony Savior

MarvelGirl - Daughter of Dawn of a new day and heir to the throne of the Sun Children

Raina - Die Hard Ninja

Tsubasa67 - Wandering Hero

ARGdov - Cookie Master

Chuckles - Personal Guard to Span

WonderBrad - The Unoffical Otaku Archiver 

Dry Rain - Doll Mage

Mugen Kagemaru - Emperor Spanosa's personal spy/(s)hitman

YouShouldHaveDoneThat - Swordsman

HauntedMaster - Eye of WH

dimentio M.O.D. - Demential Mage

KidPichu - Secret Agent "Ariesus's Spark"

Spanosa - Prophet Emperor and First Voice of Ariesus

Gallery Edit

The Within Hubris Empire inspired some artwork in users.