A lot of stupid shit has happened over the years of Within Hubris's lifespan. This page is a 'Hall of Fame/Shame' for those moments. Add whatever you like, nostalgiafags.

The Pony Topic Edit

  • YoyoKirby posts an image of a historical gun that someone painted to be themed like Rainbow Dash, then goes into a multi-post rant about how disgusting it is. Drama ensures.
  • Someone (rumored to be alf of Yoyo) posts an image of a real horse vagina. Everyone is disgusted and the poster is banned shortly after. lel.

Within Hubris Empire Edit

  • Ponies are integrated into the topic, as expected. To combat this, users decide the national delicacy of the nation should be ponies as well. The vote for it barely wins.
  • Various religious debates were held here over a fictional fucking country filled with ponies.

The Bird Topic Edit

  • Just everything about this topic. Apparently Mugen's pet bird died, and he got pissed when people taunted him for it, calling him the 'birderer'. The topic lasted for like 20 pages.

The 'Furies' Topic Edit

  • The entire thing. Read it here.

Deacon QnA Topic Edit

  • Someone asked Deacon who he would kill on the forums and why. He responded, and several users got upset. Many theorize this is why Oldbris closed down. gdi deacon.

Various/Unknown Threads Edit

  • BADASSMANDO shitposting huge fucking pictures and breaking the page.
  • YoyoKirby starting debates in literally every topic about asinine things, and users going along with it.
  • Shadowfem being an anus and posting tons of shitty topics. Then pretending to be dead.
  • Ryukaki revealing that Jad had not helped him with his Arc, Jad saying that Ryu was a gamejacker, and Ryu responding that he had no idea. Then the forum adopting either 'TEAM JAD' or 'TEAM RYU'. See, drama is sometimes canon too.