WH Statistics
Position ᕦ(≖‿≖)ᕤ
Era Oldbris - Newbris
Faction Lonely Singles Club
Furfag Status Isabelle is pretty cute
Physical Statistics
Country America
Height 5'6"
Age 23

An oldfag that has been around since the beginning of the ARG, despite never contributing to anything serious. Mostly found in the Community forums.

Early Life Edit

Wolfcat was born on a farm surrounded by cows, their only ties to the outside world being an assortment on Nintendo products. It was at this point that Wolf's fetish for Nintendo manifested, which persists to this day. One fateful night he walked outside to see a furry furiously assaulting a cow. He was petrified, and his face looked like this =>.

The cow turned out only to be a distraction though, as the next day their outhouse was stolen. To this day no one knows the location of said outhouse, though some have their guesses.

Hubris Douchebaggery Edit

This jabroni sometimes does various fanart of stupid shit found around Within Hubris. Wolfcat joined Oldbris as soon as it opened, then left for a year because the ARG went on hiatus. He came back only to find a shitfest filled with ponies and spam. He later joined the LSC and still sometimes shitposts on Newbris.

Used to care deeply about the srsness of Oldbris, once trolls began flooding in, leading to pointless debates that lasted long into the night. One could say that he 'touched the poop'. Part of the Within Hubris Empire as the 'Pony Savior', because apparently that was a thing that was needed.

Gallery Edit

Loads of photoshops relating to Oldbris and Newbris alike.

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