Kirby's fucking pissed
WH Statistics
Position le epic trole
Era Oldbris
Faction Unknown
Furfag Status Unknown
Physical Statistics
Country Unknown
Height Unknown
Age Unknown

YoyoKirby (commonly known as Yoyo) was one of the most well known 'trolls' that cropped up during the time of Oldbris. He still pops in from time to time on Newbris.

Beginnings Edit

Not much is known about Yoyo, since he was not very open about his history, aside from certain users. He was a frequent user of 4chan, which is noticeable from his typing patterns, such as calling everyone a faggot, greentexting, and using rather extreme vernacular.

Within Hubris Gets Trolled Edit

Yoyo pissed off users for nearly a year. Most of this was done through insulting My Little Pony, a series that a large number of users were somehow into. The Pony Thread was the longest thread on Within Hubris, so naturally trolls gravitated towards it. It's also not surprising considering most of 4chan's opinion on MLP at the time.

Most trolling sprees went on from Yoyo bringing up some thing related to ponies, talking about how fucked up it is, and then debating against users who were defending it. Not all trolling attempts were based around ponies, though. Dumbshit debates sparked up about Mac vs PC, fanart, vidya, fandoms, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Yoyo eventually got banned, though it took users going to a different site to get an old mod to do it, since none of the current mods cared enough to. Since then, several alts have been made, most of them banned. Yoyo still comes to Newbris, though nothing big had ever happened.

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